Investing in Kids:
For more than 65 years, Western Washington Young Life has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to kids. Young Life leaders in 14 counties are investing time with teenagers to build lasting friendships and to help them consider the direction of their lives.
Five Goals, One Purpose:
This Young Life region exists to provide leadership for the Young Life areas that comprise it. The Region has five goals for this year:
  1. Developed staff.
  2. Balanced Area and Regional budgets.
  3. Opening four newly staffed Areas.
  4. Areas feel loved, listened to and led.
  5. Growth in number of Club, number of kids in Club and summer campers.
These goals are being lived out in the 54 areas that make up the Western Washington ​Region. All of these communities are different from one another, yet Young Life's purpose is the same: We want to give kids hope for the future.
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