FAQ - Men's Weekend 2019

Q: What does the cost of camp include?
A: Your camp fee covers room and board and all activities while at camp as well as transportation between the Malibu Landing in Egmont, BC and the Malibu Club (departing Thursday at 1:00 pm and returning on Sunday around 12:00 pm. 

Q: What are these "health forms" I need to fill out and how much information do you really need?
A: All campers and work staff at all Young Life properties are required to have an up-to-date Health Form completed for EACH camp they attend. Please do this BEFORE you leave for Canada. The account you make for this will be different than how you bought tickets! Here are some health form tips.....Please visit healthform.younglife.org (log-in if you've done this before) and complete the form as an ADULT GUEST OR WORK CREW from Young Life Area AG425 (NOT your zip code/local YL Area). 

You might notice because these forms are mainly used for under-18 campers throughout the summer, they are worded as if you are under-18. Please ignore this fact and complete all sections for yourself as if you are the camper and the parent/guardian. If you have completed a health form for a different camp, use the COPY feature from the most recent you have completed. This will make it so all your personal information is copied over to a new form for this camp and all you will need to do is electronically sign the forms again. 

Q: Do you really need my immunization history for my health form?
A: Yes - to a certain extent. Most importantly, we need the date of your last tetanus shot. All other dates you can approximate.

Q: Who is the club speaker?
A: Our club speaker this year will be announced soon!  

Q: When do I need to arrive in Egmont? When does The Malibu Princess depart?
A: The Malibu Princess will embark on our three-hour tour to Malibu at 1:00 pm on Thursday. Please arrive in Egmont no later than 12:00 pm (noon) to check-in and get your luggage to the boat. The only two sailings on the BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale that will get you to Egmont on time are the 7:30 am or the 9:50* am. *If you are on the 9:50 am sailing, we advise heading straight to Egmont. Please double check sailing times at the BC Ferries webpage.

Q: Wait, this isn't Malibu, California? How do I even get there?
A: Correct, the Malibu Club is in British Columbia, Canada. First of all, this means you should find your passport (or enhanced drivers license/passport card) because you will need it to cross the border. Those of you who have been to Malibu know that part of the magic of this particular Young Life Camp is the adventure of getting there! We'll give you a brief overview, but for a more detailed version visit the Camp Info & Driving Directions page - a good version to print and bring with you to avoid international cell charges for using a navigation system.

Most of you will travel North on I-5 from the greater Seattle/Tacoma area by car. We suggest taking Exit 275 to cross the US/Canada Border at the Truck Crossing. From there, go North on Hwy-15 to West Hwy-1 (Trans Canada Highway towards Vancouver) to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Make sure you purchase a ticket to LANGDALE/SUNSHINE COAST on the 7:30 am or 9:50 am ferry (you can make reservations at bcferries.com if you'd like). After driving off the ferry, follow signs for Hwy-101/Sunshine Coast Hwy to the Egmont/Skookumchuck Narrows turnoff. About 2 miles after the turnoff, turn left onto Maple Road. Continue up the hill until you see a sign for Malibu. Head slowly all the way down the driveway to where our staff and volunteers will be serving as parking attendants and luggage helpers. Walk down to the lower lot and find the check-in desk to let us know you are here and relax because YOU MADE IT and it's going to be a wonderful weekend!! 

Q: When will I get home on Sunday?
A: The Malibu Princess will depart the Malibu Club at 7:40 am on Sunday arriving back to the Malibu Landing in Egmont by 11 am. If you are making a reservation, we recommend making one of the sailings ON or AFTER 1:10 pm on the BC Ferry from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay. Please do not make an earlier reservation as we cannot guarantee an on-time arrival to make an earlier ferry. For a reservation to be honored, you must arrive at the terminal no later than 30 minutes prior to sailing. If you arrive later, you will board the ferry with the other drive-up passengers and space is subject to availability. Plan on arriving back in the Seattle area late on Sunday evening.

Q: What are my alternative transportation options?
A: Kenmore Air. If for some reason you are unable to get to Malibu the traditional way, you could book a flight to Malibu from Seattle on Kenmore Air. Prices and flight schedules are handled directly between you and Kenmore Air and are subject to change based on weather. Tickets generally run around $650-$700 round trip per person. Important note for air travel - you must have a valid passport to clear customs to/from Canada. Call them directly for reservations at 866.435.9524. Please note, there are no refunds or discounts for alternate modes of transportation.

Q: What is the agenda once I'm at camp?
A: One of the greatest parts of Men's Weekend is that you don't have to worry about a schedule, cook, clean or do dishes! Because of that, we keep most of the schedule generally a surprise and post a daily schedule half-day at a time on a whiteboard on Main Street. That being said, we understand you might want to know a little bit about what you're getting yourself into - or what you're inviting your friends to get themselves into.

So just know, we have a team of incredible men planning this camp year round so that you and your friends will have the best weekend of the year! You will eat delicious food in a dining hall with a spectacular view. You will be inspired and challenged by a variety of speakers and seminar leaders. You will have engaging conversations with old and new friends alike. You will have a blast with all the fun activities around camp including water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, giant tree swing, frisbee golf, volleyball, swimming, stand-up paddle boards, mountain bikes (weather permitting) and much more! And rest assured, you are in good hands - Young Life has been doing this for over 75 years and we know how to have a good time!

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