The Western Washington Region is now two new regions. 

South Puget Sound Region (AF110) 

Ross Stewart, Regional Director 

ross@spsr.younglife.org      253.405.7984 

Taylor Numedahl, Regional Administrator 

numedahl.taylor@gmail.com     (507) 456-4442​ 

North Puget Sound Region (AF52) 


Steve Blacksmith, Regional Director

sjblacksmith@gmail.com       425.314.8683


Chanda Raney, Regional Administrator 

chandaraney@gmail.com     253.651.4410 





Buttercreek Lodge
Need a place for a Campaigner Weekend, Winter Retreat, Committee Weekend, or Family Reunion? 

Young Life NPSR/SPSR Camps and Events | PO Box 17821 Seattle, WA 98127-1821

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